Bee Friendly Seeds with Bee Quote (£2.70 including VAT)

Image of Bee Friendly Seeds with Bee Quote (£2.70 including VAT)
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Beautifully designed and very high quality packets of specially selected wild flower seeds that bees (and butterflies) will love. Bearing an inspiring quote from Charles II's beekeeper, "A bee is an exquisite chemist," the seeds produce a delightful selection of wild flowers that help to save our busy bees. Whether you live in the country or city you can sow these seeds in gardens, window boxes or any open spaces. You'll be helping by providing plants rich in pollen and nectar that these wonderful insects need to thrive. All our seeds are free from insecticides.

High-quality design card packets, containing a sachet of seeds, plus a printed insert with seed/flower descriptions and sowing instructions.

Contains seeds for Cornflower, Corn Marigold, Corn Poppy, Corn Chamomile and others. 2g per packet.