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Duo Pack of Mother's Day Bee and Butterfly Packs - NEW!


High-quality seeds for flowers rich in nectar and pollen to help our bees and butterflies. A beautiful gift item, ideal to pop into a card for Mother's Day!

Double pack of beautifully designed and very high quality packets of specially selected wild flower seeds that bees and butterflies will love.

The seeds produce a delightful selection of wild flowers. Whether you live in the country or the city you can sow these seeds in gardens, window boxes or any open spaces. By doing this you'll be directly helping to save the bees and butterflies by providing plants rich in pollen and nectar that these wonderful insects need to thrive.

All our seeds are free from pesticides and insecticides. 100% British wild flowering mixture.

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made from:

High-quality design card packets, containing two sachets of seeds, plus a printed insert with seed/ flower descriptions and sowing instructions.

Bee pack contains seeds for Cornflower, Scentless Chamomile, Field Pansy, Corn Marigold and Corn Poppy

Butterfly pack contains seeds for Corn Poppy, Dog Violet, Corn Chamomile, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Cornflower.